Monday, September 9, 2013

KRS in September: "All About Money"

School is back in session and KRS students are learning both in and out of the classroom! September at KRS was “All About Money” and focused on the importance of financial literacy. Students at the Villa Parke location in Pasadena spent the first hour of the program working with volunteers, including a large group of volunteers from the Gap and Banana Republic, to improve their reading skills and get a head start on the semester.

                                                                    KRS students starting the new school year!

For the second hour, Taurat Hossain, Jennifer Yang, and Mary Beth Heyt from Wells Fargo provided KRS students with an overview of the basics of personal finance. Taurat began by explaining how banks fit into the larger economy and their relationship with businesses and individual consumers. Using an animated computer program, Taurat and other speakers were able to take the important but complex concepts and make them a little less intimidating for students who are at least a decade away from being approved for a credit card! Students also got to take home a number of prizes, including play money sets provided by the Boley Corporation and backpacks from the Walt Disney Company stuffed full of school supplies.

Special thanks to Wells Fargo, the Gap, Banana Republic, the Boley Corporation, and the Walt Disney Company for supporting this month’s reading program. Next month’s theme is “Gardening and Sustainable Agriculture”; please click on the “Get Involved” tab if you would like to volunteer at one of our reading programs!

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