Sunday, November 17, 2013

November Was "Martial Arts" Month At KRS

                             Master Richard Alonzo leads several URM students through a meditation exercise

The ability to read is essential and there are few tasks or activities that do not require some degree of literacy. Being able to read quickly and with comprehension allows you to learn new ideas and skills, which was one of the key themes during the “Martial Arts” program in November. During the first hour of the program, KRS students at Villa Parke and the Union Rescue Mission worked with volunteers to improve their reading skills and prepare for the morning’s hands-on activities.

At Villa Parke, Sensei Anto first gave the students an introduction to Kenpo karate and the importance of only using martial arts for self-defense. KRS students read about the history of Kenpo and the discipline’s key teachings before learning some basic self-defense techniques. Sensei Anto led the class in demonstrating those techniques (with help from some enthusiastic volunteers), again stressing that they should only be used for self-defense. That idea was reiterated by Master Richard Alonzo at the Union Rescue Mission, where he began the program with a meditation exercise.

Special thanks to our great speakers and APEX for volunteering with us again! If would like to volunteer for next month’s program, click on the “Get Involved” tab to sign up for the location nearest you!

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