Wednesday, February 16, 2011

KRS Kids Learn About Financial Literacy

On February 5, 2011, Junior Achievement visited Kids Reading to Succeed.  Junior Achievement is a worldwide organization (currently in 120 countries) that promotes teaching children of all ages 1) entrepreneurship, 2) financial literacy and 3) work readiness. Chante Giffin, the Senior Program Manager, along with Kat Roemer, a senior at South Pasadena High School and Mary Garipian, a senior at Burbank High School, divided the students into groups; the younger students learned about how money moves through the community, while the older students learned about practical aspects involving money, like bank accounts, making deposits and withdrawals and how interest accrues.  As part of the group activities, the students also read and discussed the definitions of vocabulary words pertaining to money to become more financially literate.  All students received a Certificate of Achievement from Junior Achievement following the end of the program.  Many thanks to Junior Achievement for sharing their expertise and helping our students become more financially literate!

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