Friday, April 19, 2013

April at KRS: Shall We Dance?

                                                           Kollaboration visits KRS students at the Villa Parke location

KRS partnered with Dancing Classrooms Los Angeles, the Pasadena Dance Outreach Company, and Kollaboration for the month of April’s reading theme: “Shall We Dance?” Students at the Union Rescue Mission site in downtown Los Angeles spent the first hour of the program working with volunteers to improve their reading skills. Maritza Jones from Dancing Classrooms led the second hour of the program and started by reading to the students about different forms of dance from around the world. Accompanied by Dancing Classrooms volunteers from Crescent Heights Middle School, the KRS students practiced different dance forms from Poland, Austria, and Brazil in the Mission’s gym. At the end of the program, the KRS students were treated to a performance by the Crescent Heights volunteers.

At our STARS location, students read about different dance styles including ballet, hip-hop, and social swing. Then, Pasadena Dance Outreach Company and Flintridge Preparatory School students demonstrated each of these dance styles so our KRS youth could see dance in action.

                                              KRS students at Villa Parke learn the "cha cha cha"

Kollaboration  ( volunteers Kollaboration were our guest presenters at our Villa Parke location, where the kids read specific steps for the “cha cha cha” and then actually performed the slide dance. Kollaboration also got our kids and volunteers moving with an introduction to the popular “Gangnam Style” dance.  Next month, KRS students will shift from the earth to the stars with May’s theme: “Astronomy”.

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