Friday, June 14, 2013

KRS in June: Intro to Architecture!


                                                     KRS students and volunteers at the STARS location in Pasadena

This month, KRS students got to build something else along with their reading skills. The theme for June’s reading program was “Architecture” and after the first hour reading with volunteers, students at the Union Rescue Mission, STARS, and Villa Parke locations had an opportunity to hear from several Los Angeles-based architects.  

At the URM location in downtown Los Angeles, Crispin Lazarit from KMD Architects gave a brief overview of how an architect designs a construction blueprint and how a building evolves from a sketch to a skyscraper. Anthony Rodriguez led the program at STARS; after showing the students some of the world’s biggest skyscrapers and giving a few construction tips, it was time for some hands on learning. Using toothpicks and marshmallows for construction (and occasional snacking), KRS students built their own skyscrapers, houses, and whatever else they could think up for the rest of the morning.
                                                           Applying the finishing touches to a marshmallow masterpiece

At Villa Parke, Teresa Sanchez and Jessica Salazar of Gruen & Associates split the students into groups that designed their very own Los Angeles neighborhoods using clay and paper trees. After the program ended, students got to take home their creations and other great prizes. Special thanks to this month’s speakers for volunteering their time to help put together a great program!

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