Wednesday, April 9, 2014

KRS in April: “Thinking Ahead”

For the month of April, we combined our Jackson Elementary and Villa Parke locations to accommodate volunteers and families leaving for Spring Break; next month we will hold reading programs at both locations as is normally the case. For the first hour of our program, students at the Jackson Elementary site worked with volunteers to improve their reading and comprehension skills. 

                                                              Students at Jackson Elementary reading with volunteers
 During the second half of the program, the students heard a presentation from G. Fred Stevens, a professional life coach. Mr. Stevens spoke to the students about setting short and long-term goals and thinking about making plans to achieve those goals. Students were invited to think about what they wanted to achieve in 2014 and beyond and share those ideas with the group. At the end of the morning, students were given thermoses with hollow plastic shells to hold reminders of their goals for 2014.

Next month we will open both the Jackson Elementary and Villa Parke sites. If would like to volunteer for next month’s culinary program, click on the “Get Involved” tab to sign up for the location nearest you!

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